Type Title Date
Headline News Yao Ming shares inspirational stories with SCU students 10/18/2016
Headline News Former President Ma Lectures on Law at Soochow University 10/03/2016
Headline News Ex-Minister of Examination Bao-Cheng Dong Receives Warm Welcome at SCU as Chair Professor 09/28/2016
Headline News Soochow University Recruits former Executive Yuan Premier Shan-Cheng Chang as Chair Professor and Honorary Dean of the School of Big Data Management 09/28/2016
Headline News Soochow University Welcomes Former Finance Minister Chang as Chair Professor 09/27/2016
Headline News 3000 SCU Freshmen Accomplish Their “First Mile” 09/15/2016
Headline News Overseas students look forward to a colorful life at SCU in orientation program 09/14/2016
Headline News Celebrating Graduation with 30,000 Dominoes 06/19/2016
Headline News U9 Intercollegiate League creates a new future for education 06/17/2016
Headline News Leopard Mobile Collaborates with Soochow University to Lead Students into Mobile Internet Industry 05/23/2016
Headline News Ageless youth, an ageless poem—He is still young 05/20/2016
Headline News Animation and Manga: New Vision and Imagination 05/20/2016
Headline News Tsai Ying-wen Attends Concert to Commemorate 25th Anniversary of Prof. Fu Cheng's Passing Away 05/16/2016
Headline News Soochow University holds the “International Conference on the South China Sea Disputes and International Law” 05/09/2016
Headline News Soochow’s Reforms on English Education Aim to Raise Students’ Competitiveness: 550 on TOEIC before Junior Year 05/04/2016