Hardware resources and facilities

one person is using a computer   

     The Computing Center runs 10 computer labs in both downtown and main campuses, which are equipped with PCs for students, as well as high speed laser printers and scanners. These rooms also offer SCU cloud service facilities and online computer courses for self-access learning.

     To facilitate language learning, students can use the multi-media language labs on the main campus. In addition, an SI classroom, Self-access learning labs, and English, Japanese, as well as German culture rooms are also established for a more well-rounded language learning environment.

     The Teaching and Learning Center is set up to provide equipment, hardware, and consultation services for students and faculty who need help in finding instruction-related materials and information. It also provides space for group discussion and digital learning.

     The community and interpersonal relationship development center, the moral and civil education center, and the health and counseling center, under the Office of Student Affairs, maintain a quality extracurricular environment, better living conditions, and counseling services for students and faculty alike.



outside of the building  Looking up to see the building  Restaurant of first teaching building  the school bus went through the school gate