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Office of Student Affairs is a school administrative branch that directly involves and interacts with students. It offers a wide range of services and is composed of six divisions: Financial Aid, Extra Curriculum, Health, Counseling, Career, and Student Housing divisions.

Service descriptions:

Financial Aid: to assist students to apply for scholarships and grants and other financial aids.

Extra Curriculum Activities: to organize, supervise, and promote activities and campaigns by student clubs.

Health: to provide first aid, medical diagnosis and treatment, health education and consultation.

Counseling: to help students improve self-understanding, mental health, and to increase potentials; to provide expert opinions on issues such as emotions, adaptation, relationships, family, academic achievement.

Career: to help students find their job interests, explore job opportunities, and prepare them for the work force through interviews, advice and related activities.

Housing: to provide housing information, related services and assistance.     

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