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Headline News SU Celebrates 121st Anniversary, Wishes Taiwanese Athletes Success at Olympics 03/26/2021
Headline News Lesser-Noticed Heroines: SU Friendship Ambassadors Make Events Perfect 04/08/2021
Headline News Far East Military Tribunal Exhibits on Display in SU’s History Room 03/19/2021
Headline News Soochow Welcomes Former Director-General of NPA Kuo-En Chen as Chair Prof. 03/01/2021
Headline News Soochow Shows Harvest of Higher Education SPROUT Projects with Two-Day Seminar 01/14/2021
Headline News SU Overseas Students Relish Autumn Biking with President Pan 01/05/2021
Headline News Soochow Recruits Overseas Students via Live Broadcast 12/28/2020
Headline News SU Law Majors Break Stereotypes via First-time Interaction with Entertainers 12/23/2020
Headline News Soochow Sets up Research Center for Digital Currency and Finance with Forum 12/15/2020
Headline News SU Offers Diverse Special PE Sessions to Promote Fitness and Health 01/14/2021
Headline News 2020 SU Cosplay Competition Feasts Eyes with Fancy Costumes 12/30/2020
Headline News Students with Disabilities Show Uniqueness, Enthusiasm on Musical Night 12/16/2020
Headline News School, Students Exchange Ideas in ‘Lunch Gathering with President’ 12/16/2020
Headline News Dorms Earn Praise, School Vows to Provide Quality Housing amid Fee Hike 12/08/2020
Headline News Newly Opened Association to Promote Taiwan-Slovakia Exchanges 12/07/2020