Budget for improving campus facilities and maintaining equipments    

This budget is a long-term fund for purchasing teaching and research equipments in two campus, and for necessary constructions. In March 2008, the constructions of two teaching and research buildings were completed, at present, we do not have any new construction plans, and by now, our main purpose for this fund is "to improve campus facilities and maintain equipments.

Subscribing for seats of Sung-yi Concert Hall

To provide well-equipped performing venue for our teachers, faculty, alumni, and other art-lovers, we built a performing arts center with 447 seats in the Second Teaching and Research building. In order to raise fund to enhance instrumental equipments of Music Department, we draw a plan for people to subscribe to seats in the hall, and we will leave their names in the back of the seat, to express our gratitude. 477 seats are designed for VIPs and regular. The VIP seats subscription is NT 36000 dollars (there are only 5 seats left), and regular seats subscription is NT 24000 dollars, and there are still about 200 seats available for subscription.


Chinese Literature Center for foreign students language study

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Founded in 2013,Chinese Language Center(CLC),Soochow University is a government-recongized center for teaching Chinese as a  foreign  language  training  program. "To transmit Konwledge of Chinese Culture  And Cultivate Chinese Language Skills". CLC aims to provide  professional  programs  for  those who would like to explore Chinese language and Taiwanese culture. 

School of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences: Characteristic Brands Project

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School of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences includes 11 academic departments and teaching divisions in 3 areas of humanism, social sciences and performing arts, is the largest school of Soochow University. The development of the school aims at 2 directions: to set up academic performance platform of liberal arts and social sciences; to develop interdisciplinary program, to enhance students’ competiveness. The school currently has 2 integrated research projects: "Middle-east European Social Issue Studies” and "Knowledge, Power, and Social Practices,” and we wish to raise fund for the two research projects, so that we can publish our research results in domestic and overseas conferences or periodicals. To develop students’ interdisciplinary academic ability, the school sets up "Program of Human rights,” "Program of Creative Humanism,” and "Program of Non-profit Organization Management,” in order to offer our students with multi-learning courses and environment. 


School of Science: Fundamental and Development Project
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School of Science has 5 departments: Department of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Microbiology, and Psychology. Teaching and research of school of Science emphasize: equal emphasis on learning and practice, and small grouping in experiment and internship. The fund is raised for meeting the needs to establish good relationships with clinical and counseling organizations outside the campus, to provide students with internship environment, and to promote departments to do international research; furthermore, to cultivate students with cultural temperament and scientific knowledge.


School of Foreign Languages and Cultures: Development fund for foreign language school    
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School of Foreign Languages and Cultures consists of three departments (Department of English Language and Literature, Japanese Language and Culture, and German Language and Culture) and a Language Center, which is responsible for general English courses and program of practical English. The school aims at familiarizing students with foreign languages and cultures, wishing to develop them with self-learning awareness. This fund is raised for holding "Teaching and Research Workshop, which aims at elevating teaching quality and sharing research achievements; holding international or domestic conferences, and publishing "SCU Foreign Languages Journal and "SCU Japanese Education Journal. The fund will also be used for subsidizing students for short-term studies abroad (6-12 months), to expand students international view and understandings of foreign cultures.


School of Law: from A to A+
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School of Law is well-reputed, in many polls, department of law ranks the top one in private universities, and number three among all the universities. "From A to A+ Project aims at strengthening cross-strait interaction in law, reinforcing academic cooperation, and promoting law ethnics and extension plans. In the future, we hope to cultivate students as law specialists with international view by increasing library quality and enhancing teaching facilities.


School of Business: to make School of Business into the Palace of international management
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In 2007, School of Business set up academic interaction contract with Thunderbird School of Global Management, hoping to make the school as the palace of international management. We propose three plans: "increasing courses of international management program,” "developing students into outstanding business leaders,” and "building finance center.”


Special funds for every department

We have 22 departments, and the fund will be used as scholarship, expenses for improving teaching equipments and conducting academic conferences and publishing periodicals.



Fund for conducting alumni reunion activities
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Soochow University was established in Soochow city (now spelled Suzhou) in China’s Jiangsu Province by missionaries of the American Methodist Church in March 1900. In May of year 1951 its alumni in Taipei registered the Soochow Alumni Association with the Taipei City government and began the long process of reactivating the University. The university has developed 110,000 elites for the country in the past 60 years. The fund will be used to increase the publications of "Soochow Alumni,” and to subsidize the budget of hosting alumni reunion activities, for example, Homecoming activity during every University’s anniversary, and other artistic appreciation activities.

Fund for church
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Church An-su is named after Mr. Huang An-su, who helped the university to rebuild relationship with American Methodist Church, and had been vice board chairperson of our university, helping raise fund to reactivate the University. The church has been a shelter to offer comfort for teachers and students since 1964. The fund will be raised to maintain the church’s facilities and scholarships.

Fund for library use
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The collection of books in our library is rich in quality and quantity, and we also budget a lot of funds for book purchase. The library supports a lot in teachers and students teaching and research works, therefore, the fund will be raised to enhance the quality and quantity of collection of books and audiovisual resources.

‧ Scholarship

Emergent Scholarship for Poor Students


Each year the University makes scholarship budgets for poor students, to help those who face sudden misfortunes to finish their school works. Because of financial recession in recent years, we allow more and more students to apply for the scholarship. Therefore, we try to raise fund to help more students who are in need to complete their studies.