‧ University

This budget is a long-term fund for purchasing teaching and research equipments in two campus, and for necessary constructions. In March 2008, the constructions of two teaching and research buildings were completed, at present, we do not have any new construction plans, and by now, our main purpose for this fund is "to improve campus facilities and maintain equipments.”

‧ Administration

Church An-su is named after Mr. Huang An-su, who helped the university to rebuild relationship with American Methodist Church, and had been vice board chairperson of our university, helping raise fund to reactivate the University. The church has been a shelter to offer comfort for teachers and students since 1964. The fund will be raised to maintain the church’s facilities and scholarships.

The collection of books in our library is rich in quality and quantity, and we also budget a lot of funds for book purchase. The library supports a lot in teachers and students’ teaching and research works, therefore, the fund will be raised to enhance the quality and quantity of collection of books and audiovisual resources.

‧ Scholarship

Each year the University makes scholarship budgets for poor students, to help those who face sudden misfortunes to finish their school works. Because of financial recession in recent years, we allow more and more students to apply for the scholarship. Therefore, we try to raise fund to help more students who are in need to complete their studies.