Providing Mental Health and Disabled Services for Students and Faculty of Soochow University

The Counseling Center is a cozy home for all students and faculty of Soochow University. In the Center, licensed psychologists and counselors offer services including individual counseling, psychological assessment, and mental health education. Learning Aids such as note-taking assistants, audio recorders, study rooms equipped with computers and internet services, and after-class tutoring are available for disabled students. Please feel free to visit the Center!

Office Hours

8:30-17:00, Mon.-Fri.

8:30-16:00, Mon.-Thu. ( Winter and Summer Vacation)


Contact Information

Waishuanghsi Campus

70, Lin-hsi Rd., Shilin, Taipei, Taiwan, 111

Downtown Campus

56, Kuei-yang St., Taipei, Taiwan, 100

Room C201 (2F), Nall Memorial Hall (Counseling)

Room C112 (1F), Nall Memorial Hall (Disabled Service)

Room 2610 (6F), Building 2 (Counseling)

Room 3104 (1F),  Building 3 (Disabled Service)

+886-2-2881-9471 ext. 7542~7550, 7556 (Counseling)

                             ext. 7551~7555 (Disabled Service)

+886-2-2311-1531 ext. 2391~2395, 2397 (Counseling)

                             ext. 2380, 2398, 2399 (Disabled Service)



Email : hcc@scu.edu.tw

Website :Health and Counseling Center


Counseling Room (Waishuanghsi Campus)


Counseling Room (Downtown Campus)