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Headline News Soochow Wins ‘Excellent School’ Honor in 2022 MOE Friendly Campus Award 11/23/2022
Headline News ‘Travel in Tainzong’: SU’s Yunus Center Works with Foundation to Foster Social Businesses 11/22/2022
Headline News Soochowers Watch AI Movie S-Girl, Pondering Issues of Technology and Humanity 10/20/2022
Headline News SU Works with C-Media to Offer Metaverse Application Course 10/12/2022
Headline News New Japanese Conversation Video Course Hitting MOOCs 10/11/2022
Headline News Now in Theaters: SU Proudly Presents S-Girl, Taiwan’s First Popular Science AI Movie 10/01/2022
Headline News Honored Again: SU Wins 2022 TSAA Bronze Award for Great Sustainability Action 09/30/2022
Headline News Cheerful ‘First Mile’: 2022 Orientation Welcomes SU Freshmen 09/26/2022
Headline News SU Works with Octon Int’l for Better Digitized Services, More Business Talents 09/16/2022
Headline News Prof. Wu of Business Admin. Dept. Appointed Editor-in-Chief of Int’l Journal of Operations Research 08/26/2022
Headline News Chinese Lit. Major Chang Wins ‘Diligence Honor’ in 2022 President Educational Award 08/19/2022
Headline News Soochow, JTB Taiwan Sign Pact for More Japanese Overseas Study in SU 08/03/2022
Headline News SU Chinese Language Center Student Mukasa Wins National Calligraphy Competition 08/18/2022
Headline News SU Debate Club Wins 1st Place in 2022 Cross-strait College Students Debate Competition 08/15/2022
Headline News SU Unveils Confucianism and Daoism Center, Signs Cooperation Pact with C-Media 07/27/2022