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Headline News SU Women’s Volleyball Team Clinches Second Crown in UVL 05/15/2023
Headline News SU Commemorating Former President Kai Duanmu with Exhibition 06/21/2023
Headline News Read to Relax and Recover: SU Library Presents Picture Book Fair 05/08/2023
Headline News Four Years in a Row: SU Honored with National Central Library’s Academic Impact Awards 04/20/2023
Headline News Slot Machines ‘Soochow Online’ Save Students Money with Meal Coupons 06/09/2023
Headline News SU Second Specialty Program Increases Students’ Multiple Potentials 05/03/2023
Headline News Distinguished Alumnus of Law Dept. Shih-Cheng Huang Remembered via Memorial Concert 05/03/2023
Headline News ‘With Love, No Limits’: Inclusive Concert in SU Brings Musical Utopia 04/28/2023
Headline News Soochow Unveils Renovated Companion Footpath, Soothing Space and Scenery 04/17/2023
Headline News SU Alumnus Hung-Chih Chen Launches New Book for His Shipbreaking Career 04/10/2023
Headline News MVP Matsunaga Koumei Leads SU Baseball Varsity to First UBL Championship in School History 04/07/2023
Headline News 2022 CWLC Super Star Award Goes to SU’s Online Courses for Self-Regulated Learning 03/31/2023
Headline News Memorial Exhibition Displays Confucius Heirlooms as 79th Generation Offspring Visits SU 03/24/2023
Headline News SU’s 123rd Anniversary Highlights Sustainability with ‘Green Giants Gathering’ Fair 03/22/2023
Headline News SU Gets Record-Setting Fund for Scholarships from Alumnus Frank Liu 03/13/2023