Are You Ready? — Graduation Ceremony for Soochow University Students Graduates send postcards to themselves for the coming year

  • 06/18/2015
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"I graduated!” Throwing their mortarboards high into the sky, jumping up, the graduates of the class of 104 were unable to hide their joy, grasping every opportunity to leave behind beautiful memories. Six ceremonies for Soochow University graduates were held on 13th and 14th of June 2015, with the ceremony for the Schools of Law, Business and Foreign Languages and Cultures held on the 13th and  that for the School of Science and Arts on the 14th. 

Minister Deng Zhenzhong of the Ministry of Economics Affairs, a graduate of the Law School from the class of 63, reminded the graduates in his speech that graduation does not mean the end of learning but a new beginning of life-long learning. He encouraged the graduates to take life-long view of learning, and continue to enrich themselves throughout their lives. He also urged graduates to be fearless in taking on life’s adventures and to build a broad road of life. 

President Pan of Soochow University twice congratulated the new graduates in his speech and also cautioned them. He congratulated the students on having reached an important milestone in their lives and told them they would be facing new challenges in their lives in their efforts to create an excellent life for themselves. He emphasized his hope that the graduates would never forget their alma mater, their strongest support,whether they would meet frustration, grief, or joy.

Prsident Liu of the Alumini Council, the founder of the Franklin Templeton Fund Group (Taiwan), encouraged graduates to remain curious and enthusiastic in their academic and career pursuits, broaden their horizons and continue developing themselves, which echoes our school motto, "Unto a full-grown man.” Director Chen, a member of the board of Soochow University, also gave three key reminders and suggestions to the graduates on creating a new life. He encouraged them to exercise to keep fit, and to live and learn, and cultivate moral values to become responsible and upstanding individuals. 

A series of activities titled "Are You Ready” arranged by the Office of Social Resources was held, creating unforgettable memories for the graduates. The students got souvenirs by Cleaning out and Renewing 4 passes. First, the graduates tagged I graduate and shared it on facebook; then they could use a special instant photo-print machine to take back home photos of the graduation day. They could also run the track before leaving school, which not only represented a happy beginning and ending, but also in the old days when the school had just moved to the Waishuangshi campus, when materials were in short supply, they used the sound of track and peeler to mark the beginning of classes. Although we don’t use them today, it has become a common memory of teachers and students.

Additionally,  the class of 2016 students also received a card if they tagged and write themselves a postcard to tell themselves  to keep good cheer! Our school will send out these postcards next year for the graduates; at the graduation ceremony two days later, the school also prepared crystal stamps as a gift for graduates, which represents renewing the future. The stamps not only expressed best wishes to them, but also marked  their initial use of the stamp after leaving school and stepping into society.

Many graduates and their parents took photos at the instant photo-print machine and at typical places on campus. Soochow University also prepared special souvenirs and packages with a graduate bear, and academic cape of black and white, the school colors and delicate postcards with campus scenery. Students were attracted by these souvenirs and rushed to purchase them.