Soochow University Holds a Self-Organized External Evaluation

  • 09/30/2015
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  • Translator: Tzu-Yu Hua

Soochow University has been conducting an External Evaluation Program, which includes five steps: Pre-Job, Self-Assessment, Field-Appraisal, Evaluation Results, and Tracking-Improvement. Soochow implemented activities of Field-Appraisal on September 16 to 19 at both Waishuanghsi and downtown campuses.

In order to motivate universities to establish Self-evaluation mechanism, the Ministry of Education has laid down the principle and standard of External Evaluation Program for the selected 34 outstanding schools to follow since the first stage of departmental evaluations was finished (from 2006 to 2011).

Soochow University is eligible for the regulation. It applied for the program in May 2013, and was identified by the Ministry of Education in March 2014. From then on, Soochow has been implementing every step of the External Evaluation Program. 

The criteria of evaluation involve curriculum design, pedagogy, counseling, learning resources and academic performance. The evaluation also puts a high value on the efficiency of collecting and using resources, public image, and international and cross-strait exchange. These criteria have been regarded as departments’ goals of education, to which the quality of teaching and departmental characteristics would adjust and conform.

26 units of Soochow University were under evaluation, including Bachelor’s Degree Program, Master’s Degree Program, On-the-Job Graduate Program and PhD Degree Program, etc. Each unit conducted activities of Field-appraisal respectively, such as presentation, interview, on-site teaching, facilities examination, data review, and comprehensive seminars. At the end of the appraisal, the conclusion was drawn by the committee to provide the assessed-units with reference for future improvement.

Soochow University believed that, through rigorous preparation, each assessed-unit could show its characteristics and performance and took this opportunity to view the effectiveness of promoting general education. Soochow sincerely welcomed the evaluation committee’s visit and guidance.