Soochow University Tops 2015 Global Views Monthly’s List of Private Graduate Schools Most Preferred by Corporates

  • 10/21/2015
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  • Translator: Shang-Yune Tang


For eleven consecutive years, Soochow University (SCU) has been awarded the Ministry of Education’s grants totaling more than $NT 900 million for Teaching Excellence.  Furthermore, SCU met requirements and received accreditation in all five categories of the 2011 University Evaluation.  The recent survey result released by news media is yet another recognition Soochow University has won for the strong focus on quality education.


Graduate Programs from the School of Business, and the School of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences Ranked First in Private School Rankings

  According to the newly released 2015 Global Views Monthly’s List of Most Preferred Private Graduate Schools by Corporates, Soochow University made it into the top ten overall, and was ranked first among all private universities. And in two out of eight specialized fields i.e. Business and Social Sciences & Humanities, we ranked third nationwide, making SCU the first among all private universities, coming a close third behind National Taiwan University (NTU) and National Chengchi University (NCCU).


First among Private Schools in Law & Business

What’s more, SCU Alumni have also performed exceedingly well in the latest survey conducted by 1111 Job Bank & China Times Weekly.

  • Graduates in Law & Business placed 3rd overall, right behind NTU and NCCU, and 1st among private schools.
  • Graduates in Finance placed 4th overall and 2nd among private schools.
  • Graduates in the Humanities placed 5th overall and 2nd among private schools.


Staying forever true on the path of holistic education, SCU continues to produce the best and brightest talents for tomorrow.  With constant drive for excellence in teaching, coupled with our unique research, a strong emphasis on international exchanges, quality job-oriented education, and a focus on moral training, we can ensure that SCU graduates will continue to shine brightly, locally and globally, for many years to come.