Nice to See Soochow Again: Former SCU President Chao-Shiuan Liu Returns as Chair Professor

  • 11/03/2017
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  • Information provided by Secretariat,General Education Center
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  • Written by Campus Reporter(s) Han-Zhe Xie
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  • Translated by Campus Reporter(s) Hsiao-Yun Du
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  • Photo by The Secretariat & Office of Academic Affairs

Soochow University was honored and happy to have one of its heavyweights back to campus. Starting the academic year of 2017, former SCU President Chao-Shiuan Liu is hired as chair professor for SCU’s Mr. Shao-Yu Wang’s Seminar Lectures. On October 3, Liu was greeted by SCU President Wei-Ta Pan and Chairman of the school board Shao-Yu Wang in a tea party specially prepared for him.

Currently the chairman of Foundation of Chinese Culture for Sustainable Development, Liu had been the premier of Taiwan (2008-09) and the president of Soochow University from 2004 to 2008. During his term as the school’s president, he had initiated many projects to enhance the quality of education and set a solid foundation for the school to become one of the best teaching-focused universities.

Chairman Wang applauded Liu for his courage to take on the challenge of a president at a moment when Soochow was in desperate need for a strong leader. In recent years, Liu has been striving to promote Chinese culture, which benefits many generations to come, and it is truly a blessing for SCU to have him as chair professor, added Wang.

President Pan considered Liu a man of sensibility, ideal, and vision, who made significant contributions to Soochow University. Liu recommended the Ministry of Education to launch “Teaching Excellence Projects,” and earned many resources for Soochow University, while expanding Linxi Road and building the parking lot and the D and R buildings.

Liu is not only a scholar and a political figure but also a writer and a playwright, authoring quite a few novels of modern themes and Chinese martial arts and chivalry with “Shang Guan Ding” as his pen name. His recent works included Sword of Benevolence and Justice, Heroines in the City of Anser, Out of Taiwan.

“Nice to see Soochow and the Zhu-Qiu building again!” said Liu. “It has been nearly 9 years since I left this campus. I am glad to see you all again, and it seems like everyone gets a little older.” He recalled the pleasant memories when he was the school’s president working together with the fellow staff, which also gave him a sense of accomplishment.

Moreover, when talking about passing down the culture, Liu hoped to modernize Chinese culture, pondering how to apply ancestors’ wisdom to today’s society. He also thanked Chairman Wang and President Pan for inviting him back to Soochow University again to share and work on these ideals.

This semester Liu will be giving lectures in a seminar course titled “The Responsibility and Caring of the Elite in Contemporary Era.” The topic will focus on "The Culture of Benevolence and Justice, and Its Sustainable Development in the 21th Century,” aiming to raise students’ awareness about being a more caring person.

The course provided by of Chair Professor Chao-Shiuan Liu

  • Course: “The Responsibility and Caring of the Elite in Contemporary Era: The Culture of Benevolence and Justice, and Its Sustainable Development in the 21th Century.”
  • Time: 13:10-15:10, Fri., Jan. 12, 2018
  • Place: Room 1705, the Moot Courtroom in Downtown Campus

Professor Liu’s Bio

Bachelor in Chemistry in National Taiwan University; Master in Chemistry in Université de Sherbrooke; Ph.D. in Chemistry in University of Toronto; Chief Director of Chinese Chemical Society; President of National Tsing Hua University; Minister of National Science Council (today’s Ministry of Science and Technology); several positions in governments including: Premier and Vice Premier of R.O.C., Senior Advisor of Presidential Office, President of The General Association of Chinese Culture, etc.