Soochow Alumni Selected as Highly-Cited Researchers in 2019

  • 06/01/2020
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  • News source: School of Science
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  • Translator: Chang-Hua Yang

Two Soochow alumni of School of Science, Prof. Din-Ping Tsai and Prof. Ru-Shi Liu, were selected as highly-cited researchers in 2019 along with 15 other Taiwanese scholars, according to a news report by United Daily News.

Clarivate Analytics , an information analysis corporation, announced their 2019 list of scholars who received recognitions in different research fields and the times whose papers being cited were at the top 1% among their subject area, including medicine, engineering, geography, material science, math, physics, etc.

Among the highly cited researchers, 17 were Taiwanese scholars, 8 of whom were chosen in two or more subject areas, and Tsai and Liu, who graduated from Soochow’s School of Science, were the two of those 8 elites.

Din-Ping Tsai (Department of Physics, class of 1983), who excels at nano-photonics and optoelectronic physics, is a prolific researcher and receives numerous rewards. He has won many best paper awards and had been invited more than 275 times to give speeches or presentations in many international conferences. He is currently an emeritus professor of Graduate Institute of Applied Physics in National Taiwan University, a distinguished research fellow of Research Center for Applied Science in Academia Sinica, and the chairman of Taiwan Information Storage Association (TISA).

Ru-Shi Liu (Department of Chemistry, class of 1981), currently a distinguished professor of Department of Chemistry in National Taiwan University, has won many awards such as IUPAC & NMS Research Awards (2015) and Outstanding Research Award (2012) from the Ministry of Science and Technology. His research interests and specialties include light-to-light fluorescent material used in LED, light-to-electricity water decomposition material used in energy, light-to-heat and photodynamic therapy nano-material used in biochemical medicine, fuel cells, and lithium-ion secondary battery.

As 2020 marks the 50th anniversary of Soochow’s School of Science, the honors received by Tsai and Liu not only proved the diligence and hard work by the School and its faculty and staff in cultivating talents, but also showed the diversified development of Taiwanese scholars with highly recognized research capabilities.