Joyful ‘First Mile’ Orientation Welcomes 2,600 SCU Freshmen

  • 09/24/2020
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  • News source: Secretariat
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  • Translator: Li-Sin Chen
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  • Photos: Guan-Yu Su

The “First Mile” orientation, with welcome activities for Soochow’s newly enrolled freshmen, had rounded off on September 10th, 2020. Nearly 2,600 freshmen had a great time getting more familiar with their classmates and the senior students during this four-day event.

On the final day, many of them were touched by the retrospective video played during the closing ceremony as it reminded them of all the love and great memories they had in the past four days. The end of the orientation also symbolized the beginning of these newcomers’ college life.

SCU President Wei-Ta Pan congratulated the freshmen for accomplishing their “First Mile” and wished them to achieve more in their future life at Soochow. The senior students who guided the freshmen during the orientation gave a wonderful dance performance, pushing the ceremony to a climax.

Many freshmen were satisfied with this event as it helped them integrate into Soochow University smoothly. A math major surnamed Chang said that the four days were filled with activities and he made a lot of friends. “The senior students and the lecturers are so earnest, caring and energetic,” some students from the Department of Business Administration shared, “I used to think that the tuition was expensive, but now I feel that it is totally worth the money.”

In the previous days, the freshmen had received gifts from the school, learned about the school motto “Unto a Full Grown Man,” and completed their registration and course selection, officially becoming members of the big family of Soochow University.

Through the lectures, the freshmen learned to deal with interpersonal relationships, manage their emotions, and think positively when facing setbacks. They were also guided to utilize learning resources so as to discover their future directions and lead a wonderful college life.