SCU Recalls History of Far East Military Tribunal with Photo Exhibition, Conference

  • 11/05/2020
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  • News source: Secretariat
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  • Translator: Bo-Yan Huang
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  • Photos: Guan-Yu Su, Guan-Yu Wen

As part of the celebration of its 120th anniversary, Soochow University revisited the history of the international military tribunal for the Far East and the role of Soochow’s law school alumni in the event through a photo exhibition and a conference at the school’s Downtown Campus in October, 2020.

At the opening ceremony on October 7th, special guests and legal experts, including chair professor of Law school Ying-Jeou Ma and Political Deputy Minister Ming-Tang Chen, announced the start of the exhibition, which would last till October 20th.

In addition to the exhibits donated by Shanghai Jiao Tong University with some replicas but presented with the original wooden frames, the exhibition also put extra focus on Taiwanese views and the key role played by Soochow’s legal professionals in the trial. The National History Museum was invited as co-host to provide the essence of the original archives.

Following the ceremony in the morning, experts and scholars also presented their papers and discussed related issues about the historical event in a conference.

The International Military Tribunal for the Far East was a military trial organized by judges and prosecutors from 11 countries, who tried the Japanese war crimes after WWII during January 19th, 1946 to November 12th, 1948. SCU played a vital role as its School of Law has been known for its expertise in common law. In the delegation that represented the Republic of China in the trial, 10 persons were Soochow alumni.