Contributors to New School History Room Thanked in Tea Party

  • 11/25/2020
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  • News source: Secretariat
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  • Translator: Hui-Shan Cheng

In a tea party on November 11th, 2020, Soochow University showed its gratitude to all donors who pitched in for the school’s 120th anniversary and the establishment of the new Hwai-En school history room. Many benefactors, fundraisers, school executives, alumni were all invited to receive thanks and to witness the results of their contributions.

After the opening performance from students of the Department of Music by playing Salut d'Amour, President Wei-Ta Pan revealed the origin of the gallery’s name as he appreciated the efforts of all the donors and alumni in his welcome speech. The room was named “Hwai-En,” which means “grateful,” by Chairman of the School Board Shao-Yu Wang because being grateful is one of Soochow’s core values in nurturing future talents.

The new facility was relocated to the first floor of the Grand Complex (B buliding) to ensure better visibility and easier access for students, alumni and guests, and to serve as the venue for visitors to know more about Soochow’s people and stories, Vice President Bau-Tscheng Dung explained.

Each of the major contributors who had donated 100,000 NT dollars or more was awarded an exquisite plate while every donor received a specially-designed trophy from the Office of Social Resource, Alumni Service, Career Development and Art Center. With a string of hearts as its shape, the trophy symbolizes Soochow alumni’s endless love and generosity that trickles in like numerous droplets making huge impact whenever their alma mater needs help.

Besides enjoying the tea party, the participants also looked around the history room, introduced with the designs and concepts of the building. As some alumni’s stories were on display along the exhibition area featuring digital technology, all visitors felt a heartwarming atmosphere in the room.

In the afternoon, the alumni went on a hiking tour arranged by the Director of Office of Physical Education Jiceh-Der Dong Fang, associate professor Yan Tan and several other staff members. They enjoyed the magnificent views along the path near the school’s Waishuangsi Campus while chatting and playing fun games, with all completing the entire trip, including five alumni who are 75 years old or more.