SU Law Major Li Wins ‘Diligence Honor’ in 2021 President Educational Award

  • 06/15/2021
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  • News source: Moral and Civil Education Center
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  • Reporter: Huei-Ling Huang
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  • Translator: Hui-Shan Cheng
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  • Photos: Yu-Han Li

Yu-Han Li, a sophomore from Soochow University’s Department of Law, took the special credit of “Diligence Honor’ in this year’s President Educational Award as she stood out from more than 400 applicants, according to the announcement released on May 19th, 2021.

Despite falling short to nab the highest accolade of President Educational Award, Li still cracked the shortlist of Diligence Honor, which was awarded to only 15 students from numerous universities and colleges across Taiwan this year.

Organized by the Ministry of Education, President Educational Award recognizes students, from elementary schools to universities, who managed to thrive and excel under difficult circumstances. The Award aims at sharing the inspirational stories of the recipients to more students and encouraging them to learn from their life lessons.

Highly aware of the importance of contributing to the society since her junior high school years, Li has participated in the volunteer works initiated by charity groups in Taiwan and around the world during almost every summer vacation. Moreover, she periodically gave away free food to homeless people around Taipei Main Station and greeted them every week after school.

After entering Soochow, Li has undertaken the responsibility to take care of her mother and shard the financial burden of the family. Her independence and perseverance were thus recognized earlier by Soochow’s Meritorious Youth Award for Filial Piety.

What is worthy of praise is not only Li’s kindness in helping those in need but also her outstanding performance in calculating on an abacus and mental arithmetic. She has begun learning the two subjects since she was four and has been qualified as a nationally-sponsored competitor at the age of ten. In the past decade, she has achieved continuous success in various contests at home and abroad, giving herself a great sense of achievement.

As a student from the Department of Law, Li has two goals in addition to her dream of becoming a prosecutor. One is to document the tribal life of Taiwanese indigenous people, and the other is to devote herself to the education of African children. Little as her contribution may be, she is always eager to give her love and care to people and the society.