SU Rated 4th among Taiwan’s Private Universities in Latest Grads Employability Survey

  • 07/28/2021
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  • News source: Secretariat
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  • Translator: Hui-Shan Cheng

Following an honor not long ago by Global Views Monthly (遠見雜誌), which listed Soochow graduates as the highest starting-salary earning among all private universities in the business and management group as well as the law and politics group, SU ranked 4th in the most favorable private universities in local job market, according to a survey just released by online big data explorer DailyView (DailyView網路溫度計).

Utilizing its in-house online monitoring tool “KEYPO”, DailyView published the ranking in relation to prospects of private universities after graduation based on the opinions from internet users. To help more students prepare for their careers in advance, it also shared the information on the opportunities for industry-academia collaboration and interdisciplinary learning provided by the schools on the charts.

Given the outstanding rating in the survey, SU’s students are proved to be capable of applying what they learned in the workplace, which is not only attributed to the school’s career exploration program but also its various comprehensive career-building internship opportunities.

SU’s School of Law, known for its expertise in common law, enjoys a high reputation amongst all law schools in Taiwan, while School of Business and Management has initiated programs with more and more companies to strengthen academia and industry collaboration and to provide scholarships for Soochow students. Additionally, Soochow also established Taiwan’s first School of Big Data Management for early deployment for the advent of the era of big data and artificial intelligence.

SU President Wei-Ta Pan stressed that interdisciplinary learning is now essential under the effects of globalization and digitalization, and it helps students make full preparation for the future. Therefore, Soochow encourages students to involve in more different areas of knowledge when creating studying plans. With increasing educational resources allocated for technology learning, Pan believes Soochow graduates could gain a competitive edge in the future job market.