Digital Currency and Financial Research Center Issues 2 NFTs with Juming Museum

  • 09/09/2021
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  • News source: Digital Currency and Financial Research Center
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  • Reporter: Digital Currency and Financial Research Center
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  • Translator: Luo-Han Liang

Two non-fungible token (NFT) artworks was jointly minted by Soochow’s Digital Currency and Financial Research Center (DCFC) and the renowned Juming Museum, marking an unprecedented move in the museum circle. The launch time of this cross-border collaboration fell on 9:19 a.m. on August 27th to commemorate the Museum’s official opening on September 19th, 1999.

The CEO of the DCFC Su-Hua Ou explained that the two NFTs were realized by a creative team of eight Soochow undergraduate students, who participated in cross-disciplinary collaboration from photography, copywriting, dubbing, to the offering, and embodied the cross-generation dialogue with Master Ju Ming and made this derivative works possible.

According to Director of Juming Museum Su-Ling Lai, the NFT works drew on the “Taichi Series- Taichi Arch” and the naval ship “GuangTa” from the “Living World Series- the Armed Forces,” symbolizing the challenges and new look brought by the coronavirus pandemic while presenting the sustainability and reflection on humanity and the earth.

Sway Teng, CEO of Jcard, the offering platform, pointed out that NFT as a new digital product combines technology, creativity, and great value. With or without the pandemic, digitization of business models across many industries has become an irreversible trend, he said.

President Wei-Ta Pan also mentioned that the blockchain technology behind digital currency will be one of the leading trends in the future. Thus, Soochow and the DCFC will continue to cultivate cross-disciplinary talents and make more efforts to implement digital innovation and applications.