Soochow Gets $6.5M Grants from Ministry of Education for 2022-23 Enrollment Plan

  • 08/01/2022
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  • News source: Admissions Division
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  • Translator: Ya-Fan Kuan

In the academic year of 2022-2023, Soochow University has been granted NT$6.5 million of subsidies in the College Enrollment Professionalization Program (Phase V) from the Ministry of Education (MOE), and with NT$1.3 million in fundraising, the total funding for the program was NT$7.8 million.

Soochow joined the third phase of the program in 2019, and from October 2019 to July 2022, SU has been approved for an accumulated grant of NT$9 million.

In this coming fifth phase, Soochow proposed a complete, reasonable and professional plan that was highly recognized by the MOE, and all departments will work together to refine and simplify the admissions process and recruit students through the use of assessment rubrics and IR (Institutional Research).

To promote a systematized model of college enrollment and an effective reviewing process of admissions, to embody the spirit of the Curriculum Guidelines of 12-year Basic Education, and to facilitate the integration of talent selection and high school education, the MOE started the College Enrollment Professionalization Program in October 2017.