Cheerful ‘First Mile’: 2022 Orientation Welcomes SU Freshmen

  • 09/26/2022
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  • Headline News
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  • News source: Secretariat
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  • Reporter: Xin-Rou Lin& Chen-Xuan Zhang& Bo-Yan Zhang
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  • Translator: Wen-Yu Tu
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  • Photos: Guan-Yu Wen

With warm welcomes and fun activities, the “First Mile” orientation had kicked off on August 29th, 2022, at Waishuangsi Campus as senior students led freshmen to get more familiar with their classmates and the campus as well as blend into the big family of Soochow.

The four-day event can be divided into three main aspects, including course arrangements, course selection, and class activities. In addition, the ‘First Mile’ team organized various interesting and useful lectures for the freshmen, such as career planning, healthy living, interpersonal support, and so on.

SU President Wei-Ta Pan encouraged all freshmen to make the most of resources in college and endeavor to pursue interdisciplinary learning. He also wished the newcomers a colorful college life and great achievements in SU.

Frank Ji-Ren Liu, Chairman of the Alumni Association, presented three meaningful gifts to the freshmen, including a bus pass holder that represents punctuality, a red or black T-shirt with the school motto “Unto a Full Grown Man,” and a carrying bag.

The event climaxed with the teachers passing the giant balls printed with the school motto to the freshmen, which symbolized the passing of SU’s spirit.

One student from the Department of Business Administration said the he couldn’t wait to join the student club, make more new friends and anticipate a solid learning experience.

Through all these activities, the freshmen truly felt the enthusiasm and vigor of Soochow, and were looking forward to their college life for the next few years to come.