Honored Again: SU Wins 2022 TSAA Bronze Award for Great Sustainability Action

  • 09/30/2022
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  • News source: Evaluation Affairs Division
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  • Reporter: Yun-Han Wang

By its two low-carbon footprint projects, “The Third Mile Biking Challenge” and “High-Value Leftover Utilization,” Soochow nabbed the bronze prize of this year’s Taiwan Sustainability Action Awards (TSAA). SU Vice President Wei-Liang Chao received the honor on behalf of the school on August 12th, 2022, in the ceremony for 2022 Asia-Pacific Sustainability Action Awards (APSAA) at Taipei World Trade Center.

The biking challenge project was the effort from SU’s Community and International Relationship Development Center, which has continually organized the round-island cycling event for ten years, giving students an environment-friendly and in-depth experience. In 2021, the ride was unprecedentedly joined by two visually impaired students Xi Jin and Shi-Peng Wang, and their story was filmed as a documentary Because of You, I Can See, which recorded the touching moments and positivism of the two life fighters.

The food waste reuse project has been jointly contributed by SU’s School of Science, Office of General affairs, and KiSmart Corporation since 2021. Through bio-fermentation technology, the school’s food waste is successfully converted into odorless organic soil in a safe and fast way. Thanks to the organic soil, Soochow is proud to have its first farm that can grow organic vegetables and improve the problem of the deficient soil nutrient.

The TSAA was part of 2022 APSAA ceremony and exposition, which consisted of six different themes: policy, cities, corporations, universities, NGO, and life, with a total of 291 exhibitors. SU was one of the 22 participating universities, showing its accomplishments in pursuing sustainable development and earning recognition and reputation through detailed introduction given by students and school staff.

Soochow has recently strived for making SDGs a guideline for school development plans and higher education sprout projects, encouraging faculty, staff, and students to put SDGs’ core value into practice in different fields. SU’s sustainability report published in 2021 won the bronze award of the 14th TCSA University Sustainability Report.