Soochow Wins ‘Excellent School’ Honor in 2022 MOE Friendly Campus Award

  • 11/23/2022
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  • News source: Office of Student Affairs
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  • Translator: Yu-Chien Kao

SU’s Dean of the Office of Student Affairs San-Chin Lin received the award of “Excellent School” on behalf of the school in 2022 Friendly Campus Award Ceremony, held by Ministry of Education (MOE) in Chaoyang University of Technology on October 28th, 2022. Soochow was one of the only two winners among all universities nationwide in this important category, and had once again repeated the honor after 13 years since 2009.

With the vision of “Learn and Grow,” Soochow has promoted “The Four Miles” upon its students-“First Mile: Orientation,” “Second Mile: Cooperation,” ”Third Mile: Innovation,” and “Last Mile: Emulation”-in hopes of offering opportunities for students to explore themselves and achieve self-fulfillment through a variety of activities.

Under the leadership of President Wei-Ta Pan, SU has also been pursuing UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and has introduced various projects to pursue a friendly and sustainable campus. Actions that have been taken aim to achieve goals in sustainable development such as “Zero Hunger” (Study at Ease Project), “Quality Education” (Service Learning), “Gender Equality” (Gender-Friendly Environment), and “Inequality Reduction” (Disabled Access).

Viewing friendly campus as a long-term goal, Soochow hopes to provide whole person education by encouraging students to improve communication skills, enhance teamwork and problem-solving skills, broaden their horizons, as well as to serve others and fulfill civic responsibilities in the future.