World’s First Carbon Neutral Sports Race: SU Ultramarathon Resuming in Full Swing

  • 11/28/2022
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  • News source: Office of Physical Education
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  • Translator: Su-Ting Lin

With Taiwan’s COVID-19 control policies gradually eased, runners from as many as ten countries will compete again in the 2022 SU Ultramarathon from December 3rd to 4th as the 4-time IAU Gold Medal event will make a huge comeback after cancelled two years in a row.

In addition, to promote the ideas of eco-friendliness and sustainability, Soochow University will make this year’s race the first zero carbon emission sports event in the world through  carbon reduction, carbon emission calculation, professional label certification, and carbon rights purchasing.

Soochowers are welcome to show their support by serving as one of the 300 volunteers, or experiencing a 30-minute individual race or a 5-hour relay race that would accommodate 1,200 people, or simply participate as spectators to feel the vitality and touching moments of the event.

Since 1999, SU Ultramarathon has been not only welcomed by international athletes as an annual pilgrimage that has set many world records but also enjoyed by Soochow students and alumni to join for fun. With great contributions from passionate student volunteers and financial support from generous alumni, most runners have had refreshing and touching experiences for the past 20 years.