Soochow Builds Metaverse Ecosystem with Multiple Enterprises for Interdisciplinary Integration

  • 01/27/2023
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  • News source: Cyber Security Center of Excellence
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  • Translator: Ke-Jie Chang

On December 22nd, 2022, SU launched “Metaverse Innovation & Application Ecosystem” (MIAE) with several renowned companies, including Lohasiinfra, Flowring Technology Corporation, CFC-APAC (Singapore), and Sandvine (U.S.) to further explore and develop metaverse and promote interdisciplinarity.

In the inaugural ceremony, SU President Wei-Ta Pan stressed the importance for Soochow to carve out a niche for cultivating future digital talents. Though the development of metaverse is still in bud, SU students should enhance their ability to apply the new technology with the interactive and immersive experiences through combining Web 3.0 and education in the metaverse.

Lohasiinfra, a social enterprise, has been dedicated to providing solution for aging societies and promoting the transformation of social thinking, healthy living, lifestyles, and industries. It will continue striving to integrate different platforms of medical care in the metaverse ecosystem.

Flowring Technology Corporation has created Laleverse, which provides people with immersive experience by AI through connecting Internet of Things (IoT) and Extended Reality (XR), and participants could interact with each other through their avatars in the metaverse operated by blockchain. Cooperating with SU, Flowring’s Laleverse could build a metaverse virtual library and create a metaverse campus in the future.

The Singapore-based CFC-APAC and the US-based Sandvine focus on the information security in metaverse. With CFC-APAC’s cybersecurity training program and platform (Cyberium Arena) as well as Sandvine’s technology in metadata analysis, MIAE could construct a safe environment for metaverse.

SU will also invite other enterprises and alumni to join MIAE and encourage students to create user-generated content with devices such as Meta Quest2 VR head-mounted display supported by C-media. The development of metaverse cannot be achieved by one single person or institute but through teamwork and collaboration among various players, said Chief of SU Metaverse Innovation and Application Center Kai-Chieh Chia. And Soochow will be committed to the law adjustment, partner coordination, and license provision in metaverse innovation and application.