2022 CWLC Super Star Award Goes to SU’s Online Courses for Self-Regulated Learning

  • 03/31/2023
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  • News source: General Education Center
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  • Translator: Wen-Yuan Hsu

The Online Courses for Self-Regulated Learning, which Soochow’s General Education Center implemented as a Higher Education Sprout Project, was recognized with the 2022 CommonWealth Leader Campus (CWLC) Super Star Award. 

SU President Wei-Ta Pan received the honor in person on behalf of the School. “The things taught in schools have been increasingly falling short to meet pupils’ needs after their graduation,” he said, “So universities must teach students to learn by themselves, which reflects the concept of knowledge spillover.”

With the assistance of Associate Professor Tsung-Ho Lee from the Department of Japanese Language and Culture, the number of students taking courses on the learning platform has increased from 666 to 1462  in just one year from 2022 to 2023.

The Online Courses for Self-Regulated Learning aims at encouraging Soochowers to acquire knowledge anytime and anywhere through educational online platforms, which provide learners with an abundance of applicable knowledge in various fields.

And the General Education Center hopes to combine school lectures with career development while promoting students’ interdisciplinary learning, sharpening their insights into contemporary trends, and helping them become self-conscious, self-directed and self-disciplined individuals with the ability of lifelong learning.