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Headline News SU Law Major Li Wins ‘Diligence Honor’ in 2021 President Educational Award 06/15/2021
Headline News SU’s Int’l Course with Seinan Gakuin Univ. Attracts JP Media Coverage 06/03/2021
Headline News New measures adopted by Soochow University in response to COVID-19 pandemic 05/22/2021
Headline News ‘In Between+’: Biggest Outdoor AR Arts Festival Dazzles SU Campus 05/11/2021
Headline News Tien-Fu Kao Club Service Scholarship to End while Spirit Lasts 05/02/2021
Headline News SU Briefs MBA Courses to Prospective Indian Students through Webinar 04/28/2021
Headline News Soochowers Achieved Great Success in 121st Anniversary Walk-a-thon 04/22/2021
Headline News SU School of Law Officially Opens Wo-Lung Center 04/22/2021
Headline News Lesser-Noticed Heroines: SU Friendship Ambassadors Make Events Perfect 04/08/2021
Headline News 11 Taiwanese Colleges Promote Social Biz Spirit via YSBC Online Meeting 03/31/2021
Headline News SU’s 121st Anniversary Features Long Walk, Healthy Events 03/30/2021
Headline News SU Celebrates 121st Anniversary, Wishes Taiwanese Athletes Success at Olympics 03/26/2021
Headline News 25th Sakura Viewing Tea Party Marks SU 121st Anniversary 03/22/2021
Headline News Olympic Day in SU: Library Celebrates School’s 121st Anniversary with Fun Races 03/19/2021
Headline News Far East Military Tribunal Exhibits on Display in SU’s History Room 03/19/2021