Soochow University in Taiwan Signed “Liberal Arts and Social Sciences in Collaboration Proposal” with Soochow University in China

  • 04/28/2016
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Soochow University in Taiwan hosted “2016 Cross-Strait and Australia Higher Education Forum" with the University of Western Sydney in April 21th 2016. The new president of Soochow University in China, Si Ping Xiong, was invited to attend the forum and then discussed issues of academic exchange with President Pan of Soochow University in Taiwan.

Both Soochow Universities originated from the same roots in China. Soochow University was founded in 1900 in China. After the Chinese civil war, alumni of Soochow University established Soochow University in Taiwan. Even though the two Soochow Universities developed separately across the strait for decades, their common roots have made them closely connected. What’s more, the two universities also started an inseparable interaction and cooperation since the signing of Academy Exchange Agreement in 1993.

For these twenty-odd years, teachers and students from the two universities have been visiting each other's campuses and collaborating on research. The achievements resulting from this academic exchange have been celebrated by teachers and students both in China and in Taiwan. This time, during President Xiong's visit to Soochow University in Taiwan, the“Liberal Arts and Social Sciences in Collaboration Proposal” signing ceremony was held to promote further cooperation between the two universities: establishing Joint Alumni Association, setting up academies to educate talented students, and exchanging faculty members' publications as gifts.

Soochow University in Taiwan has dedicated itself to internatiional academic exchange, signing academic exchange agreements with over 240 universities, domestic and foreign. Soochow University in China has had rapid development in the past few years, ranking amaong the top universities in China. The two universities expect to have more academic exchange and cooperation in the future.