Cooperation Agreement between Department of Microbiology and Fuzhou University

  • 04/12/2016
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  • Translator: Jing-Lin

Fuzhou Univeristy in China and the Department of Microbiology in Soochow University have signed an agreement of cooperation: “Institution of Tertiary Education Program for Talents in Taiwan and Fujian.” Under the agreement, in the academic year of 2015, 27 juniors from Fuzhou Univeristy enrolled on the one-year study programme in Soochow University. This is a brand new bilateral agreement on Cross-Strait academic exchange in Soochow University.

Faculty and staff of the Microbiology Department did their best to provide the 27 exchange students with a rich expereince: the orientation programme, advisor-advisee meetings, innovative curriculum, research experiments and projects, and off-campus visits. The exchange programme also helped students from China and Taiwan to gain a better understanding of each other's cultures.

On March 28 2016, the Department of Microbiology had the honor to welcome Dean Li-Ming and two faculty members to visit Soochow University. The aim of this visit was to talk about students’ academic performance and award scholarship. The first scholarship winner Feng Xue-jin said she really enjoys the diversified teaching approaches in Soochow University, for instance, English Lectures, off-campus visits and flipped classrooms. Chen Song, the second scholarship winner, pointed out that the friendly learning environment and method is a great platform for her to develop her talents so that she can be more versatile and competitive.

There are 53 and 50 students to be expected to join this programme in the 2016 and 2017 academic year, respectively.