62 Soochow Students Get National Grants for 2019-20 Research Projects

  • 10/14/2019
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  • News source: Research Affairs Division
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  • Reporter: Shu-Zhen Ye
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  • Translator: Yu-Han Tseng
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  • Photos: Shu-Zhen Ye

Sixty-two undergraduate students of Soochow University received grants for the “College Student Research Projects” from the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), with a passing rate of approximately 45%, which was higher than the national average of 40%.

These students will be entitled to a monthly subsidy of NT$6,000 from July 1st, 2019 till February 29th, 2020, with a total of NT$48,000 in eight months. The list of the 62 grant receivers is as follows:

School of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences: Guan-Zhu Lu and Xiao-Chun Ma (Department of Chinese Literature); Hui-Ning Ye and Yu-Lin Wu (Department of History); Ling-Zi Li, Ting-Xuan Chen, Yi-Xi Chen and Pei-Ru Tseng (Department of Philosophy); Zhe-Yi Zhang, Pei-Xin Yuan and Yu-Zhe Huang (Department of Political Science); Ting-Xuan Wu (Department of Sociology); Zheng-Yao Liao and Yan-Jing Guo (Department of Social Work).

School of Foreign Languages and Cultures: Yi-Ting Guo (Department of English Language and Literature); Zhe-Hong Tseng and Ting-You Chen (Department of Japanese Language and Culture); Ying-Ru Chen and Zi-Xi Xiong (Department of German Language and Culture).

School of Science: Hui-Ling Yu and Xin-Yi Tseng (Department of Chemistry); Wen-Han Xu (Department of Microbiology); Yi-Ying Lin, Yan-Ru Chen, Yue-Rui Chen, Jun-Xiang Shen and Shu-Xian He (Department of Psychology).

School of Law: Zi-Yan Peng, Jun-Fu Qiu, Zi-Wen Lin, Jie Liu, Pei-Jin Xu, Qun-Lun Gao, Ting-Rong Huang, Ke-Rong Huang, Yu-Fen Zheng, Yu-Gen Lai, Yun Lin, Ting-Xuan Xu, An-Er Li, Yan-Jun Lin, Zi-Chen Yuan and Jing-Fang Wu (Department of Law).

School of Business: Jia-Jun Hong, Jia-Zhen Xu, Kai-Ting Fan, Zi-Xuan Guo and Jia-Zhen Luo (Department of Economics); Meng-Zhe Lu, Xi-Jia Yang, Dong-Yu Lin and Pei-Ting Yi (Department of Business Administration); Bai-An Zhou and Cheng-You Cai (Department of International Business); Xuan-Fang Lin (Department of Financial Engineering and Actuarial Mathematics); Man-Ting Zhao and Yue-Xuan Liu (Department of Computer Science and Information Management).

School of Big Data Management: You-Xuan Lin, Yan-Nan He, Guan-Yu Lin, Wen-Ting Li, and Sheng-En Hou.

The “College Student Research Projects” have been promoted by the MOST in order to cultivate excellent research talents early in the undergraduate level, and help students in public and private universities to carry out research ideas, undergo research processes, learn research methods, and enhance their ability to implement studies or conduct experiments. Students who are sophomores or beyond in public and private universities are eligible to apply for the grants every year from January to February. They need to find a research topic out of their own ideas and interests, and write a proposal under the advice of a professor with relevant expertise.