32 Years of Devotion: Prof. Wong of History Dept. Honored at Retirement Party

  • 01/03/2020
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  • News source: School of Law
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  • Translator: Ting-An Wu

After over three decades of dedication to education and research in Soochow University, Professor Siu-Keung Wong of the Department of History was honored in a retirement tea party thrown by the Department and its students on December 26th, 2019. Many alumni, students, faculty and staff came to pay tribute and give thanks to Prof. Wong with all their blessings in the D building at Waishuanghsi Campus.

During the party, the attendees watched the photo slides that recorded Wong’s days in Soochow and the video clips of the interviews of Wong’s friends and acquaintances on the stories or anecdotes about Wong. Everyone appreciated his earnest teaching style and assiduous work attitude, and admired his humanistic spirit and considerateness to students and colleagues.

Some students nudged Prof. Wong to sing a song or two as he is said to have a great talent for singing, but Wong, who wouldn’t want to be showy, didn’t respond to their request at first. But later as he knew it was the birthday of one of the students who helped organize this tea party, he sang two Cantonese songs willingly as a birthday gift, and definitely brought the house down.

Wong started his career as a college professor at Soochow University in 1987, and had since cultivated numerous students in the Department of History for over 30 years. By giving inspiring lectures and sharing precious knowledge to students, he had nurtured many successful talents for Soochow. Even though he took a bow and put aside his baton as he retired from his position, his spirit and character will remain in many people’s hearts.