Better Dining Quality: Downtown Campus’ New Food Court Opens in March

  • 04/13/2020
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  • News source: Secretariat
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  • Translator: Ning-Xin Yao

Whole new, fully furnished dining areas in Soochow’s Downtown Campus began operation at the beginning of this semester after four months of construction. The three-story food court on the 6th building is embraced by many students, faculty and staff as it provides a clean and cozy dining environment.

The renovation project was a decision by the school’s space planning committee, and construction work started from November, 2019. Wooden tables and chairs were in place and unnecessary designs were reduced to create a sense of warmth and simplicity, while new range hoods, exhaust fans and air conditioners took care of the previous problem of unpleasant cooking smells.

The new dining place adopted the same name of the former student cafeteria Soochow’s Chu-Te Cafeteria and consists of nine stores or food stalls, including 7-11, Hai-Yin Café and Mu-Da Breakfast on the 1st floor, Yi-Hsiang Café, Chiang-Sauce Korean Diner, Yi-Pin Luwei and Sweetheart Fruits on the 2nd floor, and Yu-Shi Cafeteria and QQ Noodles on the 3rd floor.

Just like the cafeteria in Waishuanghsi Campus, this new food court also offers online ordering and accepts mobile payment, providing students and teachers a more convenient dining experience and higher quality of services.