Exhibition Shows Soochow’s Five-Way Muscle in Academics and Administration

  • 04/10/2020
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  • Headline News
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  • News source: Secretariat
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  • Reporter: Ching-Ju Yu, Pin-Jie Su
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  • Translator: Yu-Han Tseng

Through an exhibition held from March 9th to 16th as part of celebration for Soochow’s 120th birthday, the University demonstrated its achievements in recent years on five aspects including research, innovation, social responsibility, institutional analysis, and interdisciplinary learning. Set up on the first floor of the R building in Waishuangsi Campus, the display had drawn a large crowd of teachers and students who felt impressed by Soochow’s energy and harvest.

With the annual representative color “Classic Blue” as its major hue, the event was organized by the Office of Research Development with joint effort by Teaching and Learning Center, Institutional Research Center, and the Pattsiran Office for Promoting Social Responsibility and Placemaking.

In research development, the University proudly presented patented devices invented by teachers from Departments of Physics, Chemistry, Microbiology, and the Office of Physical Education such as electromagnetic wave teaching aids, portable fluorescent detector combined with a mobile device, anti-cancer peptides and related medicine combinations, table tennis hitting practice helper, etc.

As for university social responsibility (USR), faculty members from School of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, School of Science, School of Business, and Departments of Chinese Literature, Political Science, Social Work, and Law had either conducted studies or offered classes that touched upon issues related to culture, seniority, social building and placemaking. In particular, the research projects “Edge of City/ Window of Community: Symbiosis of Shilin and Beitou” proposed by Department of Social Work, and “Muller's Barbet Project: Self-Management for Contented Seniority” proposed by School of Science won the 2019 USR EXPO Best Practice Award in Poster Category.

Soochow has also made great strides in its institutional research as its institutional data analysis center and administrative units showed rich results of investigations of students’ composition, learning effects, soft and hard power, as well as their aptitudes of career interests.

In the aspect of interdisciplinary learning, the University presented its six major learning bases, including Soochow Co-Site, Memes Laboratory, the Office of World Realization, the Information Fusion Laboratory of School of Big Data Management, Inspection Research Center of Department of Microbiology and Psychology Laboratory. In particular, Soochow Co-Site has become a successful innovation platform for Soochow students and helped commercialize the "Tai Lang 143 Beer Cup," which raised enough money through crowdfunding within just 12 days.

When it comes to prospective innovation, Soochow prides itself on the five school-level research centers and their connection to current mainstreams of big data and blockchain in exploring more research topics and case studies. The University has also strived to create a unique academic network and cultural and educational platform through the training of talents and the integration of internal and external resources. The school administration hoped that this exhibition could inspire more development and cooperation among students and teachers, boost the energy in teaching and research, and yield higher quality of teaching and learning.