Exhibition Shows Harvests from Soochow’s Quanta Master Lectures

  • 04/02/2020
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  • Translator: Ting-Yu Sun

From March 2nd to 6th, 2020, the General Education Center proudly presented an exhibition at the first floor of the Fifth Building in Downtown Campus, displaying students’ learning portfolios of the Quanta Master Lectures in the previous semester.

SCU President Wei-Da Pan, Professor Rong-Xin Liao and other teachers visited the exhibition to show their support and give advice to the series of lectures as well as the event itself, which was an extended part of a previous exhibition held in the first semester of 108th academic year in 2019.

This year’s exhibition featured “Quanta Contemporary Masters plus Soochow Future Elites” as its major theme, showcasing students’ learning results that recorded what they learned from the masters and how they would creatively project themselves into a master in the future.

Quanta Master Lectures are a collaboration between Soochow University and Bai-li Lin, the president of Quanta Computer Incorporated, whose generous donation made the lectures possible. Since February 2013, the Lectures have become a popular course of Soochow’s general education under the title of “The Responsibility and Care of Contemporary Elites.”