Academic and Administrative Heads Seminar Helps Build More Consensus, Better Bond

  • 07/20/2020
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  • Translator: Jiun Tai

On July 8th and 9th, 2020, nearly 90 first- and second-level executives of Soochow’s academic and administrative units learned from and bonded with each other in the “2019-20 Seminar for Academic and Administration Heads” by sharing experiences in various aspects of school and student affairs and having fun in a hiking tour to a nearby trail.

Featuring speeches or presentations by Dean of Academic Affairs Chan-Long Jan, Director of Health and Counseling Center Shu-Wen Yao and other personnel, the seminar covered a variety of topics ranging from how to improve student enrollment, the monitoring of students’ physical and mental health, to the health management of faculty and staff.

For student welfare, Director Yao addressed the importance of full-scale counseling for students to lower suicide rate, improve gender equality and prevent drug use among students.

The seminar also introduced the newly constructed school history room with digital features, which represents a mixture of modernity and functionality.

Moreover, to promote the new second expertise courses starting this semester, President Wei-Ta Pan called for every department to review the current curricula and offer yet another option of second expertise for students.

In addition to the brainstorming and knowledge-building sessions, the participants also went on a hiking trip to Jiantanshan Trail near the Grand Hotel for some fresh air and outdoor fun, which marked a perfect finale of this two-day seminar.