SCU Wins Academic Impact Awards, Ranked 2nd among Taiwan’s Private Universities

  • 09/30/2020
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  • News source: Secretariat
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  • Reporter: Chih-Ting Chen, Hsun-Tien Cheng
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  • Translator: Wei-Hsuan Ni

According to National Central Library’s announcement of the winners of “Taiwan’s Academic Impact Awards’’ on July 16th, 2020, Soochow University gained a number of honors by its influence and contribution from theses and dissertations, earning an overall second place among all private universities in Taiwan.

Soochow won Best Communication Award and Best Academic Contribution Award in the category of dissertations, and Best Communication Award in the category of periodicals. It's worth mentioning that Best Academic Contribution Award was earned with highest total points among all schools in all of the six indexes, including the number and percentage of authorizing full-texts, being clicked, and being downloaded.

Much of these must be attributed to the school’s three journals: Soochow Journal of Japanese Teaching, Soochow Law Review, and Soochow Journal of Political Science, which have been ranked among top five in Taiwan in their respective fields in the past five years.

The awards showed Soochow’s outstanding academic performance in many aspects as well as its influential academic resources. This is not the first time SCU earning such recognition, and it prompted the school to make more efforts on raising the visibility of teachers' and students' academic research.

To preserve Taiwan’s academic resources, National Central Library established the databases “National Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations in Taiwan,’’ “Taiwan Citation Index- Humanities and Social Sciences (TCI-HSS),’’ and “Index to Taiwan Periodic Literature System,’’ and has analyzed the usage of Taiwan’s academic resources in every field.