SCU Signs Strategic Pact with Zhonghe High School for More Cooperation

  • 09/28/2020
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  • Translator: Ju-Yin Huang

Soochow University and New Taipei City Municipal Zhonghe Senior High School (ZHSH) built a closer partnership through a strategic agreement signed on September 21th, 2020 in Dyson Memorial Hall at SCU’s Waishuangsi Campus. The two schools will work together in various aspects, including offering interdisciplinary courses, sharing learning resources and providing career guidance, in the coming years.

Founded in 1990, Zhonghe Senior High School was the first public high school in Shuanghe area of New Taipei City. It has been one of the top three high schools in New Taipei City as well, with a total number of more than 2,200 students each year. Currently there are 220 graduates from ZHSH enrolled in Soochow, making ZHSH the third largest source of high school students admitted to SCU.

To show how seriously Soochow took this cooperation agreement, President Wei-Ta Pan, along with Vice-President Wei-Liang Chao, Dean of Academic Affairs, Chan-Long Jan, Dean of School of Business Tsu-Tan Fu, Head of Admissions Division Ya-Jung Chen, and the professor of the Department of Financial Engineering and Actuarial Mathematics Mei-Ling Tang, attended the signing ceremony.

ZHSH Principal Ya-Ling Ko also came with the school's first-level supervisors to show their sincerity. The two parties exchanged views on projects or affairs such as the new system of examination and enrollment, learning history files, multiple elective courses, teachers’ professional training, academic camps, etc.

After the signing ceremony, Tsung-Ho Lee, the director of Soochow’s library, along with several colleagues, conducted a guided tour of comic books reading area and other parts of the library for the guests from ZHSH, who all expressed their gratitude for the warm reception, and were highly impressed by the perfect learning environment of SCU, as the tour marked a wonderful end to their visit.