Lesser-Noticed Heroines: SU Friendship Ambassadors Make Events Perfect

  • 04/08/2021
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  • News source: Secretariat
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  • Reporter: Ying-Yin Ko, Tsai-Chen Lin
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  • Translator: Hui-Shan Cheng
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  • Photos: Soochow University Friendship Ambassador

As one of the annual key events in Soochow University, the school’s anniversary celebration has always been filled with all sorts of festivities, such as, in this year’s case, fun races joined by Olympic gold medalist Chu Mu-Yen, campus all-star athletic competitions and the Japanese-style tea ceremony show.

Behind the scene of each important event, however, are a group of indispensable figures. These meritorious helpers, dressed in red and black themed cheongsams, provide guests, school executives and alumni with reception services along the events. It is they that leave a favorable impression on people visiting, and must be attributed to for much of the school’s high reputation. They are Soochow University Friendship Ambassadors.

SU Friendship Ambassador’s Motto: Go to the Extremes of Reception

“Instead of some pretty faces for show, we are professional and well-trained receptionists,” Leader of SU Friendship Ambassador Association Yi-Chia Chiu said gently but firmly. The duties of the ambassadors are seemingly simple preparations before activities, mostly getting familiar with guest lists, traffic flow of venues, and even the locations of restrooms. Ambassadors would make all guests feel at home by giving them warm welcomes and direction guides among other services.

Hard Work Maketh Good Ambassador

“Sometimes I have self-doubt about whether to keep on paying efforts without getting any acknowledgement,” Chiu shared her hesitation on the path to a formal ambassador. It takes a whole year and two qualifying assessments before a trainee or intern ambassador can become an official member, who is allowed to wear that long-coveted red-black cheongsam and stand on stage to serve guests.

To achieve the performance targets and ensure high-quality services, ambassadors-to-be must receive training or lectures twice a week from teachers proficient in various fields, including business etiquette, award bestowing, enunciation, and fitness, to name just a few.

Future Prospects: From Ambassador to Better Employee and Individual

In addition to paving the way for the job market, most of SU Friendship Ambassadors joined the Association for various reasons. However, in comparison to employment considerations, the group highlighted more on inner qualities of a person, which enable the members to have distinguished bearing and deliver excellent performance in the future.