Violin Master Cho-Liang Lin Guides SU Students with Exclusive Savvy

  • 01/29/2021
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  • News source: Secretariat
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  • Reporter: Kuan-Ling Liu, Kuan-Yu Su
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  • Translator: Jiun Tai, Pei-Ling Chen, Chi-Lo Chuang, Chen-Chu Kao

As one of the series of the 2020 International Master Class at Soochow organized by the Department of Music, Cho-Liang Lin, a former recipient of Musical America's "Instrumentalist of the Year" accolade, gave instructions to SU students on December 16th, 2020 at Waishuangsi campus.

Lin, who has performed with many prestigious symphony orchestras worldwide, personally demonstrated and advised what can be refined on students’ repertoires. During this rare opportunity of one-on-one guidance in their solos at Song-Yi Hall, a few Soochow students were lucky enough to learn valuable lessons from the world-renowned violinist, while other fellow students listened attentively off the stage.

The attendees who also participated in last week’s concert session given by Lin commented that this week’s solo instruction, which focused on individual performing techniques, was very different.

The violin master suggested that the students practice the basic scale solidly. According to him, despite all the hard work and effort one may put in, constant self-reflection is always crucial.

Through the 2-hour session, Lin hoped every student can be enlightened, and he encouraged students to rectify their flaws while young. “It’s my duty to tell students how to better themselves,” said Lin, who has served as the artistic director of Taipei Music Academy & Festival for two years. “I want to provide students in Taiwan a place to learn and a chance to play.”

The 2020 International Master Class at Soochow lasts for two months, from October to December. Further information is provided on the SU website.