Academician Zhang Gives First Tao Jing-Shen History Lecture in SU

  • 02/19/2021
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  • News source: Department of History, School of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
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  • Translator: Ya-Fan Kuan

An audience of around 60 people were drawn to Academia Sinica academician Guang-Da Zhang’s speech in the very first event of the Tao Jing-Shen History Lecture Series, while experts shared views on history research at Soochow University’s Waishuangsi Campus on January 16th, 2021.

As the keynote speaker invited by the Department of History, Zhang elaborated on the interactions between main ethnic groups in the Tang and Song dynasties. The visiting professor also encouraged more energies devoted to the study of history from scholars, history professionals, and students.

Jing-Shen Tao, who was the visiting professor in SU for 15 years since 2002, gave the opening remarks at the event. Tao was once the only academician that taught in Taiwan’s private university. He gave away thousands of books to SU before his retirement and still shares an intimate bond with the school.

To provide a platform for thought exchange and to pass on the dedication of professor Tao, the Tao Jing-Shen History Lecture Series was organized in 2020 with the support of an alumnus of the History Department Jim Ho.