SU Library Sets up New 3D Film Studio and Comic AR Section

  • 03/15/2021
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  • News source: Secretariat
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  • Reporter: Yi-Hsuan Lai & Library
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  • Translator: Hsuan Lee
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  • Photos: Kuan-Yu Su & Library

To develop students’ filmmaking and streaming skills as well as AI competence, Soochow University has recently kicked off the service of the new 3D film studio and comic AR section at library at Waishuangsi campus.

On March 8th, the Library invited the popular storytelling Youtuber Cheap (Soochow alumnus, Department of Japanese Language and Culture; Class of 2011) and SU President Wei-Ta Pan to film a video together and experience the features of the 3D film studio.

“When I was studying in SU, I worked for the library for three and half years,” said Cheap, “During those days, I’ve learned skills in drawing computer graphics and making websites, which have become crucial to my career later.”

President Pan said he would like to make videos about historic people and events if he were a Youtuber.

The 3D Comic AR section on the Library’s 4th floor provides immersive reading experience for users. By scanning the QR code, students could interact with virtual SU President and the deceased school dog Taro. In addition, students could use filters to make themselves manga protagonists or even create their own manga.

President Pan believed that through these technological features student could learn interactively rather than passively. He also gave the credit to the library committee for their efforts.

Vice Presidents Wei-Liang Chao and Bau-Tscheng Dung suggest that students utilize the new library facilities.

The library committee will launch “Project Library 4.0” by holding lectures, competitions, workshops in the future for students to learn in a more comprehensive way and to explore more about themselves.