SU, TMU, TTU Run Biggest Inter-collegiate PSBH Problem Solving Project in Taiwan

  • 09/20/2021
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  • News source: Career Development Center
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  • Reporter: Shou-En Chou
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  • Translator: Chia-Hsin Chen
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  • Photos: Shou-En Chou

A total of 141 teachers led 270 students from Soochow University (SU), Taipei Medical University (TMU) and Tatung University (TTU) to come up with solutions that addressed the needs for different areas and venues in the real world. From September 9th to 12th, the largest-ever “2021 Problem Solving for Better Health” project co-organized by Soochow Co-Site aimed at fostering students’ abilities in solving problems and expressing themselves as well as cultivating entrepreneurship.

Among the 411 instructors and course takers, 11 teachers and 71 students came from Soochow University. In addition to professors from the three participating universities, the teaching staff also included professionals and experts from 14 institutes or areas, such as The Lin Yutang House, Shilin Night Market, Toucheng Township, Wanhua District, Dalong Senior Housing, special education schools, several main hospitals, along with Dr. Smith from Dreyfus Healthcare and Policy Research Center as a co-teaching advisor.

Due to the ongoing threat of COVID-19, the course proceeded entirely online, using Webex, Gather Town, Google Meet, or LINE as the platform. It also had many well-prepared PSBH learning materials delivered to the students through shipping service provided by Tai Shang Resources International Co., Ltd. and LINE TAXI.

The subjects were mainly focused on “Medical Innovation,” “Social Innovation” and “Technological Innovation.” During the four-day intensive classes, the experienced teachers from different departments needed to head the teams and guide the students how to combine theories with practice and yield good solutions.

The team led by Shih-Shang Huang, tutor of Soochow Co-Site, won the first prize in the category of medical and social innovation with a project that promotes a new image and a mobile style of the teahouses in Wanhua District amid the crisis of coronavirus.

Students instructed by Professor Hui-Chun Chu, chair of Department of Computer Science and Information Management, snatched the Best Creativity Award by working out an idea of how to create a positive classroom for students with autism.

Other three SU teams, led by Prof. Yi-Ling Lin of the Chinese Department, Ren-Hong Peng of the Business School and Prof. Szu-Hung Lin of the Psychology Department respectively, also received honorable mentions.

After 30,825 hours of hard work, all the students earned two certificates, marking a significant step toward becoming the medium to change the world and solve problems for the human kind.