SU Works with Picology Ltd. to Offer Pionex Platform, Courses on Crypto Trading

  • 11/03/2021
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  • News source: Department of Financial Engineering and Actuarial Mathematics
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  • Translator: Yun-Yu Shang

Soochow University signed an agreement with Picology Ltd., the exclusive agent of the world-renowned cryptocurrency exchange Pionex, on October 19th, 2021, marking the first case of Pionex-related industry-academia collaboration. Virtual cryptocurrency and a Pionex trading platform will be provided for students to practice transaction and to build professional knowledge and operation skills.

The founder and chairman of Picology Ltd, Te-Wei Wu, invested in cryptocurrency trading as the cornerstone of entrepreneurship after graduating from Soochow’s Department of Political Science. Wu said that he cares a lot about the development of young people, especially “Generation Z,” who are faced with, after graduation, high prices and a turbulent world, but an abundance of opportunities as well.

Wu also pointed out that Gen Z are the digital natives, full of curiosity and learning spirit. Therefore, through the cooperation with Soochow University, Picology will provide Pionex trading capital for students, hoping that they can learn the principles and basic knowledge of cryptocurrency trading

Dean of SU School of Business Tsu-Tan Fu said that the soaring Bitcoin has become a new kind of investment nowadays. In the past, the School of Business courses were more focused on traditional financial innovations. And now, the industry-university cooperation can provide students with the knowledge in the fields of digital currency and blockchain.

Fang-Shu Chan, Chair of Department of Financial Engineering and Actuarial Mathematics and the CEO of the Financial Technology Development Center of the School of Business, said that in the past, most of the teachers only learned financial theory and there was a lack of practical applications, especially the emerging financial innovations such as cryptocurrency and blockchain. Therefore, the value of cooperation between Pionex and the School of Business lies in the know-how of the technical practices.

Su-Hua Ou, the CEO of the Digital Currency and Financial Research Center in SU, stated that the purpose of the establishment of the Center is to help students learn and grow “from zero to hero” by starting with “ABC,” which stands for AI Robo-Advisor, blockchain technology, and cryptocurrency. At present, the Center has offered a series of courses and will provide another general education course titled “Basic Concepts and Practical Applications of Digital Currency” in the next semester.