Type Title Date
Headline News First SCU Athletics Championship: Chun-Han Yao Breaks Record in Men’s 5000m Race 11/27/2017
Headline News SCU Accounting Majors Win Awards for Eloquence 11/20/2017
Headline News Second Mile for SCU Students: Camp on Campus Field Trains on Teamwork 11/17/2017
Headline News Soochow Celebrates 500th Anniversary of Protestant Reformation Led by Martin Luther 11/08/2017
Headline News SCU Debate Club Wins 2017 Intercollegiate Debate Competition 11/03/2017
Headline News Nice to See Soochow Again: Former SCU President Chao-Shiuan Liu Returns as Chair Professor 11/03/2017
Headline News SCU Exchange Students Enjoy Welcome Party Held by OICAE 11/01/2017
Headline News SCU Law Dept. Wins Fourth Place, Best Debater in Moot Court Debate 10/31/2017
Headline News SCU Mainland Chinese Freshmen Receive Warm Welcome in Special Camp 10/25/2017
Headline News SCU Signs Pact with Taipei City Hospital to Offer More Learning Opportunities 10/23/2017
Headline News Guests from Google Cloud and CloudMile Visit SCU Campus 10/20/2017
Headline News SCU Health Center Sees Students Off for Serivce Tour on World CP Day 10/18/2017
Headline News SCU Freshmen Complete a Joyful “First Mile” to Start College Life 10/06/2017
Headline News Lin Yutang House【An Encounter with Letters–The Handwritten Letter Project】 06/23/2017
Headline News Students Compete for Honors in the Golden String Acoustic Guitar Competition 06/09/2017