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Headline News Soochow Alumna Elected 2019 Chair of Joint Chinese Univ. Alumni Assn. of S. Cali. 01/15/2019
Headline News Soochow Int’l Students Join Ancestor Worshiping plus Chinese New Year Celebration Party 01/12/2019
Headline News Student Association Alumni Form Soochow’s Youngest League 01/10/2019
Headline News Virtual Filming Studio Opens for Making More Digital Courses 12/26/2018
Headline News Soochow Facilitates Legal Aid Through Artificial Intelligence 12/19/2018
Headline News Soochow Int’l Students Enjoy Scenic Bike Ride with President Pan 12/15/2018
Headline News Dept. of Sociology Celebrates 45th Anniversary with Cross-strait Exchange Conference 12/06/2018
Headline News 2018 Soochow Ultra-Marathon Wins Gold Label Again 12/02/2018
Headline News SCU’s 2nd AR Arts Festival Features Virtual Museum with Students’ Original Works 11/29/2018
Headline News 2018 Resources Room’s Night: Challenged Students Sing Out Their Lives 11/27/2018
Headline News Soochow Founds Yunus Social Business Center to Help Disadvantaged 11/19/2018
Headline News SCU Alumnus Dominic Lu Shows Music Talent besides Medical Expertise 11/12/2018
Headline News SCU Adds 600 Beds by Rentals with YouHua (Shixin) High School 11/06/2018
Headline News Two SCU Staffs Win Awards for Contributing to Friendly Campus 11/06/2018
Headline News SCU Resource Room Students Voice Against Gender-Based Violence 11/06/2018