Type Title Date
Headline News SCU Faculty & Staff Enjoy Hiking Weekend at Great Roots Forest 06/12/2018
Headline News SCU Vice President Bau-Tscheng Dung Receives Medal of Friendship from German Institute 06/05/2018
Headline News Digital Learning Course by Prof. Hin-Chung Wong of Microbiology Dept. Wins MOE Certification 06/01/2018
Headline News Soochow’s EMBA Program Greet New Students for 12th Year 05/28/2018
Headline News Photographer Shin Wu Shares Attitudes toward Life, Encourages Exploration of More Possibilities 05/23/2018
Headline News SCU EMBA Team Nabs Four Awards at 13th Gobi Desert Challenge 05/14/2018
Headline News Dr. Sheng-Jean Huang Promotes Palliative Care in SCU Lecture 05/10/2018
Headline News Student Victim Recovers from Water Park Explosion Injury with Aid of Sunflower Project 05/01/2018
Headline News Tomb-Sweeping on Soochow Campus: In Commemoration of Our Late Chairman, and Presidents 04/25/2018
Headline News SCU Students Learn to Speak Up at Simulated UN Conference in U.S 04/25/2018
Headline News Soochow Completes Self-Evaluation 04/18/2018
Headline News Hundreds of SCU Students Complete Round-Island Cycling Tour for the 6th Year 04/16/2018
Headline News Mountain Climbing Club Alumni Enjoy 50th Anniversary of Club in Homecoming 04/07/2018
Headline News ‘Soochow’s 118th: Stay Young All the Way’ –SCU Anniversary Shows Enthusiasm, Perseverance, Creativity 03/30/2018
Headline News Dorm Carnival Features Interactive Fun in Celebrating Soochow’s 118th Anniversary 03/29/2018