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Headline News School Dog Tai-Lang Passes Away After 20 Years as Soochow’s Guardian 04/20/2019
Headline News Over 100 SCU Riders Complete Round-Island Cycling 04/09/2019
Headline News SCU, Shin Kong Life Insurance Cooperate to Develop Actuarial Technologies and Talents 03/27/2019
Headline News SCU Faculty, Students Remember Three Contributors in Time of Reactivation 03/20/2019
Headline News Soochow Celebrates 119th Birthday as Alumni Enjoy March, Sports, Carnival, Banquets 03/16/2019
Headline News SCU Science Talents Compete with Creativity and Expertise 03/15/2019
Headline News Soochow Experts Share Tips on College Application, Interview 03/10/2019
Headline News Soochow’s Public Welfare Day Mobilize Alumni with News Anchor as Embassador 03/01/2019
Headline News Soochow Confers First Honorary Doctorate in Political Science to Werner Langen 02/22/2019
Headline News Faculty, Staff Greet in Music to Start Year of Pig 02/12/2019
Headline News SCU Faculty and Staff Amuse Themselves at 2018 Year-end Banquet 01/25/2019
Headline News 2018-19 Outstanding Staffs Recognized at Year-end Party 01/24/2019
Headline News Soochow’s 15 Winter Service Teams Setting Off to Offer Help 01/23/2019
Headline News Soochow Administrators Learn about Leadership and Future Challenges at Winter Camp 01/18/2019
Headline News Soochow Varsity Wins 2nd Place at 2018 IHL Moot Court Competition 01/17/2019